Dean Rogers' 1985 Mustang SVO  




This was a very long project that started a year after I wrecked the 1985-1/2 on Sept 6, 2003. I saved everything, except the bent carcass ... and then began the search for another available chassis. Once a new body/frame was found, it was stripped bare, and the 1985-1/2 was fitted into the 2 month older shell ... fuel system, wiring harness, engine & transmission.

The vin# & the headlights says its a 85... but under the skin its a 1985-1/2... plus or minus.

Early on I decided this would not be the car FoMoCo had created. The Mustang SVO was a unique 3 year experiment for its maker. A collection of parts combined to better the GT. My build was to include what I thought was good, change/improve/update what needed to be.


  • I really like the Recaro seats, they're comfortable & a part of the original SVO "package" along with the steering wheel... so they're in there.
  • The Fox 4 link rear suspension is ... menacing in a corner ... so the upper control arms are gone, a torque-arm/watts link combination now controls the rear suspension.

First & foremost was weight reduction...& distribution. Nothing was put in that represented unnecessary weight. So being a body-in-black to start, I only added what would add performance, service, simplicity ... with the basics in comfort. 53.3% of its 2960 pounds is now on the front tires.
We all know keeping it light is good for handling. I have also found keeping the engine in a 2800 rpm sweet spot I can get 31 mpg at "Interstate speed".

Engine Modifications:
  • K&N air filter
  • Ported/polished VAM
  • Garrett - T3/T4E -turbocharger
  • Ric Gillis boost control valve (18 psi)
  • Aluminum bypass/diverter valve
  • Thunderbird Turbocoupe Intercooler
  • 65mm trottlebody
  • Ported upper and lower intake manifold
  • Adjustable fuel pressure regulator
  • Esslinger adjustable cam timing Sprocket
  • Ported E6 exhaust manifold
  • 3" down pipe, exhaust, chambered-muffler
  • 140 amp self regulated alternator
  • Motorcraft High Performance Coil
  • MSD plug wires
Body Modifications:
  • Rogers' original rear-wing supports
  • Cutout sections of the hood for better cooling/aero flow.
  • Saleen style rear wing
  • Monochrome paint style
  • SPA Design Formula Car Mirrors
  • 5 panel wink mirror
  • Front brake cooling ducts
Chassis Modifications:
  • Full roll cage
  • Sub frame connectors
  • Eibach Sportline springs
  • Prothane poly bushings throughout
  • Battery relocated to rear footwell
  • Wheels & Tires:
    • RPM R505 18x8 front, 18x9 rear
    • Nankang NS-M 235/40ZR18, 255/35ZR18
  • Front Suspension:
    • 94-96 front lower control arms & spindles
    • 1985 Lincoln Towncar master cylinder
    • 1993 Cobra R-PBR front calipers
    • 13" drilled front disc brakes
    • Koni yellow struts
    • Maximum Motorsport camber/caster plates
  • Rear Suspension:
    • 8.8" TracLoc rearend (w/stock SVO rear disc brakes) - 3.55 ratio
    • Evolution Watts Link
    • Maximum Motorsport torque-arm
    • Koni red shocks
    • 24mm hollow sway bar