Lou Medina's 1986 Mustang SVO


Between 1984 and 1986 there were 9844 Ford Mustang SVO's made. 547 of them were Oxford White 1986 versions. The only options were choice of fabric( leather or fabric in any color you wanted as long as that color you wanted was charcoal gray) sunroof or wing delete(sacrilege). In July of 1998 I had the opportunity to swap, straight up, my my one and only Li'l Red SVO for a very nice condition white one. Hmmm,The itch must have started there. Because of the mods I already had I didn't follow through. If I had, I may not be in the position I currently am, that being having more SVO's than I know what to do with, which is currently 7, as I probably would have stopped looking at that time. In the meantime, in July of 2001, while consulting (a pseudonym for unemployed), I found a 1986 Shadow Blue SVO. I certainly didn't need another SVO but I bought it anyway, since there were only 69 of those made and that was only one year.. So now that made a Red and a Blue SVO in my stable. For the longest time, I had had that itch to find a good condition white SVO. Did I really need Red, White and Blue SVO's? I wanted to find one that didn't need anything at all so that I could just tune it up and start driving it on a daily basis. In my view, many SVO's are neglected by their owners and I wanted to find the exception to make me happy. If it feels like SVO owners are always working on their cars, its not an illusion. In Nov of 2002 I found one in New York. New York? What the heck was I doing looking for a car entirely across the country. Fortunately, I had a frequent flier ticket that was to expire in the next 30 days and I was going to lose it anyway. Why not fly to New York, visit the car and knock out some touristy activities at the same time? Now, I'm not a hot shot jet setter flying all over just on a whim. I had a mission. I had never seen Niagara Fall( I wasnt going to Canada and see theirs) and being born in New York I felt it was something I should do since I had never actually planned on ever going back to New York for any other reason.. Fortunately the car and The Fall where within one hour of each other. I was there and home in under 30 hours.I flew in late, spent the night and visited the car early in the morning. The only reason I even flew out there was that it was a second owner car, apparently only driven in nice weather and stored in a climate controlled environment in the winter, had a fabric interior,only had 75K, the price was right and it was white. Initially it looked very good. As it was now December I couldn't take it out for a test drive but I figured I already knew what I needed to know about buying an SVO. I got to start it and the first thing I heard was lifter tick. After sitting for a long time, this is not uncommon and it eventually went away after a long time. Other little things here and there struck me as odd but I figured for the price I was getting a good deal. Now, how to get it to CA without selling my first born, of which I dont have one yet, and I didn't feel this was a good enough reason to start. Fortunately some beneficial connections came through and I was able to get it trucked out. I was not in the mood to drive it cross country in the winter nor wait until spring. It arrived 4 weeks later. It fortunately drove very well even after not having driven it on a test drive although there were many discrepancies which were troubling and I had to spend allot of time I didn't want to just to get it to my desirable state. I've had it for over a year now and I've made many improvements. 17 inch Cobra wheels, rebuilt tranny with a modified 5th gear, fixed all leaks, balanced flywheel/clutch, aluminum driveshaft, cupholder(a must have), cosmetic improvements, 3" downpipe with a Flowmaster mandrel bent dual exhaust, Motorsport 140 mph speedo, cam sprocket, improved braking and an improved suspension. Although the paint was/is in great shape it needs some attention. In the near future, its getting a big valve ported and polished head with an Engle cam, Hyrbid turbo, ported intake manifold, ported/coated exhaust manifold and later possibly my favorite 3.55 rear end.. In near stock form it made 213 rear wheel horsepower and 267 rear wheel torque at 20psi. After some tweeking, it currently makes 230 rear wheel horsepower and 265 rear wheel torque at 16psi. Until this week, that is.:) It has not been to the drag strip yet but as soon as all the hipo parts go on and the weather clears up Im going to shoot for 12's. Its currently a daily driver and will not be modified as much as the red or blue cars. Its just a sweet ride that will step up and beat many V8's.