Sean Walsh's 1984 Mustang SVO

Nothing very big has been done yet. It wasn't perfect when we got it, so for now it's mostly refurbishing that's planned.......

But so far... It has
  • Recaro seats up front
  • MOMO leather steering wheel (to replace the fake SVO wheel that was there when I got it)
  • MOMO leather shift knob (replacing the very bad plastic one that was there)
  • SONY sound system with 10 disc changer in place (installed myself).


AND although many will say this spoils the car, It has T-Tops. I know none ever came with that option but it appears to be a dealer job not an aftermarket hack job. It looks exactly the same as other Mustang and Capri T-Tops of the time. This makes the car even more fun. What could be better than SVO power and handling with an open top? That's it for now but there is a lot on the menu to be done to refresh and improve the car. Not that there is a lot to improve but a lot can be made a bit more modern and solid considering the age and miles and technology of the time.