I really hope you like your new Mustang SVO Bi-Wing Supports!

When driving my recently purchased SVO home from Oregon, I noticed the movement of the BiWing in my rear view mirror, and then checking it at the second gas stop. It was very "limber" to say the least. So it was one of the first things I did to my SVO . . . especially after the first time I went out to the garage and discovered my cat perched proudly on the BiWing.

I first looked around for a best way to strengthen the wing, and then saw one of the other supports offered on the web. Honestly, the idea here came after going through a Road & Track magazine and thinking "all that's holding up that rear wing on a race car is a couple of aluminum rectangular plates". So here they are . . . real simple . . . just takes the time to make them fit. ..and just so you know, these are hand made, not mass produced. Aluminum plate cut on a band saw, shaped with a file, one at a time.

Parts List:

  • 2 aluminum masts - cut to shape, painted flat black if specified
  • 2 precut rubber edges
  • 1 Locktite Superglue

First: remove the 2 center screws from beneath the BiWing . . . sometimes this takes just a short phillips screw driver, but sometimes it's a lot more complicated. The problem is caused because the holes the screws are in are "gone". I have done this on a couple of cars where the screws are gone, which makes it real easy. But some are in there and won't twist out. I think these screws are stainless so a magnet won't work. Anyway, get those screws out of there.

Next: Wipe the window area under the wing with a rag with some none residue cleaner. Really only the area you will be gluing the supports to is necessary

Carefully lift the wing, just enough, to slide the Top Tang End of the support into the screw hole. The Long Side should be to the rear of the car, and this trailing edge bottom point should just touch the window frame . . . go ahead and put both of them in place. There should be a little pressure against the window. Slide the sliced rubber tube on the bottom edge . . . as they are now, or should be, supporting the wing. The sliced rubber tubes do two things. They help to prevent the supports from scratching the window, and because you will be gluing these rubber "boots" to the window, they "catch" the support when you shut the hatchback.



Go and sit in your SVO. Get comfortable and look into the rear view mirror. This is how you will be seeing the BiWing Supports most of the time . . . or not . . . all that should be seen is their leading edge, and make sure they're vertical. It usually takes a couple of tries to get them perfect. It helps to have a friend handy.

Now that you have them exactly the way they should be, mark the window with a pencil at the leading edge of the short side of the wing support. Do that for both sides. You now can move them to one side of that mark, about a 1/2". Get the superglue and prepare the tip. Remember it takes about 5 minutes to set up . . . so your going to need to move kind of fast . . . but then you're an SVO owner ! Draw a 1/8" wide line of glue from the pencil mark you made to about 1/8" from the widow edge (frame). Do both sides as the glue is drying quickly.

Now lift the wing with the supports, hold the supports by the edges, and set the rubber "boot" on the glue lines. Be sure the trailing edge is about 1/16" from the window frame. I have worked too fast a couple of times and things slid a little. So be prepared to hold them about 30 seconds and then they should stay put.

. . . you're done.